The A**hole At Asked Me To Review The Site

You ever use Me either.

Until I got this email at 2:38 AM that was sent to the contact page of this site, I don’t know if I had ever even thought of

So, I can only assume that Darryl Oven wants me to review his site, because he sent the link to

First of all, Darryl, I went to your site and decided to look at getting a room in Edmonton, because why the fuck not? It’s colder than witches tit, and they have a huge mall with a really great water park. It’s like going to the Caribbean, but you don’t have all those fucking hawkers trying to bead your fucking hair.

I found a really great deal, but I thought I had better check into the world wide web and see if it was safe to proceed. This is what I found on the first page of the Googles.


and this…

There were more, but these were the first three public review sites I found. It was really all I needed to know to see that I didn’t want to make an account on this site. Actually, the fact that someone emailed me a link tells me that it’s either spam (which is one of the shittiest, dickface forms of advertising), or this guy is a fucking idiot for asking an ornery mouthpiece to review an obvious nutsack website.

Either way, fuck them. I guess the kids aren’t going to Edmonton. Thanks for ruining my kids’ vacation, cocksuckers.


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