Aspen Pet .5-Gallon Leibistro Waterer

First of all, I wouldn’t have even bought this thing if my dogs didn’t drink so much fucking water all the time. The one dog was easy to keep up with, because we had a decent sized dish set for him, but when we rescued the second little bastard and then broke the water side of his dish set, we resorted to just using an old Pyrex mixing bowl that my mom gave us, as a waterer.

(I was actually surprised to find the same style bowl on here. I fucking love Amazon, even though the bowl is not for sale.)

Now the bowl worked okay, but the thing with these asshole dogs that we have is that they sometimes get these fits where they like to play and run around like Bill Clinton when he was president.


Well, except for the blue dress, the cigar, and the fact that the press doesn’t give a shit about our new dog constantly licking the old dog’s dick, but they do get pretty rammy and spill their liquids all over the place and shit.

So I ordered this cool Aspen Pet .5-Gallon Leibistro Waterer from Amazon. It’s pretty cool, they don’t seem to spill it like they did to the bowl, and it gurgles like a water cooler when they drink out of it.


The only problem I have seen with it is that sometimes the water doesn’t drop down into the bowl and it can go dry. For this reason I would not use it if you were going away for a while, unless you leave another backup water source.

And now we come to the reason you maybe shouldn’t buy this dog waterer.

Really, unless you are home all of the time, do you really want a water source that may or may not work? Your pets need a goddamn drink of water when they are thirsty, not the possibility of a drink. That’s like watching two hours of porn and maybe having a hand free.

But, maybe not though.

No, if you are relying on a waterer to give your animals water consistently, then perhaps this isn’t for you. We like and use it, but also have a backup bowl, and there is usually someone lounging around on the couch, so it’s not like our dogs will die. Don’t start getting all fucking judgey, because we are using a sometimes faulty dog waterer. If you are out looking for a waterer that always provides water, then maybe the Petmate would be a better choice.

I can’t say for sure, but the reviews don’t mention water not coming out of it.


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