Joykit 4L Water Distiller

Who doesn’t love a good distiller?

Yeah, I distill my own water. If you saw the fucking sludge in the bottom after I borrowed my buddy’s distiller, you would understand why.

Mmmmm, fucking yummy.

That was after less than ten gallons of water, right out of our tap, and no, we aren’t on a well. This is treated, municipal water.

I know that a bunch of you are going to start yapping about how we need the minerals from the tap water, so calm your tits. I already have it covered.

That’s just the salt we use. It contains 82 trace minerals, but so does a lot of pure salt. If you have the time to dissolve it, or the grinding tools, I would suggest getting this one instead.

You will save yourself a shit ton of dough, because you get four times the salt for about the same price.

You can also buy trace mineral liquid






and put it into any water you are going to drink, to fortify yourself against all of the other shit that you put into that “temple” of yours.

Now, the Joykit isn’t the only one of these babies on the market. There are all of these, and several more to choose from:













The first two are a bit cheaper than the Joykit, and the last two are more, with the Megahome being over three time the cost.

If you ask me, that fucking ludicrous. I can’t believe that any of them are three times better than the next, but who the fuck knows, really? I wasn’t willing to bet on it, so we went the less expensive route. We have probably done 20-30 gallons through it already, and it works exactly the same as my friend’s Megahome, so far. The reason we got it in the first place, is because we make soap, and all of the recipes call for distilled water. I’ll be damned if I am going to pay over $600 for a water distiller to do that. I would spend the extra and get this sucker, if that was the case.

That’s a pretty sweet looking machine. If you’re into water distillers.

And apparently this post is pretty sweet looking too. Going by what the piece of shit SEO thing says. That’s the thing that says you will like this whoring piece. It’s designed to get you clicking and buying stuff through my links. In case you didn’t know that I’m poor, and slutty.

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