Leatherman Wave


For years, I carried a Leatherman Wave with me in the truck. It was honestly the handiest thing I owned, and I couldn’t have made it through some of the shit in the bush without it.

I probably went through half a dozen of them over the last fifteen years. Some from breaking(I’m hard on shit), and some from losing them(I lose shit). I always ended up replacing them though, because I know how valuable they are.

A few times I had sent the Wave back after breaking it, and both times they sent me a new one. No questions asked. I did explain what had happened, so maybe it was descriptive enough for them.

The one time, I broke the pliers, but it was -45°C. I probably shouldn’t have been working outside, but when your rig breaks down, what do you do?

The other occasion was the file breaking off while I was using it. It might be a shitty choice for filing the rakers down on a chainsaw, but it was all I had. Hey, I like to get a good bite when I cut wood. I explained that, and offered to pay for the new blade, but they just fixed it and sent it back.

The particular model I last had, was this one.

Mine had the woven sheath that held the bits in the back, and had an LED flashlight, but I never used the flashlight. A “friend” borrowed it, and I lost the bit extension before I got to use it.

Now I come to my new dilemma.

Some cunt stole my Wave out of the truck when I was away last year. The cocksucker that took over said it wasn’t him, but the trucks are to be locked up when not in use. It seems pretty fucking odd that a thief would bypass thousands of dollars in tools to look through cubbies for a used Leatherman.

Don’t you think?

Anyhow, seeing as I got a new job after that, and had easy access to company tools, I just used my trusty Swiss Army. It was really all I needed.

Now that I am laid off and working on our tiny homestead, I miss my Leatherman. I decided that I should just get a new Wave and get on with life.

Until I saw the Leatherman Surge.

It is way heavier duty than the Wave, and a little more money, but I think it’s the way I am going. Just as soon as I can throw together another $200 in spare change. (I’m obviously going to need a good, leather belt to hold that thing up.)

Don’t worry, I will definitely put up a review when I get it. If you want to help out, you could click on any Amazon links here and buy something through this site. It won’t cost you anything extra, and you’ll go to bed knowing that some random fuck has a couple of extra dollars.

Win/win, right?

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