Presto 23-Quart Pressure Canner

Before we get started, I just have one thing to say. This pressure canner is the bombdotcom.

Fuck you, I like canning shit. It’s awesome.

Now back to business.

I’m pretty pissed that I didn’t get one of these many years ago. I guess I didn’t give enough of a fuck back then, but my life would be way better had I started this shit in my twenties. Nevertheless, I got one last year and we’ve been canning the shit out of all kinds of things.

Leftover turkey from assorted holidays? Throw in some broth and veggies and you’ve got eight quarts of delicious homemade soup in the cupboard. Eat it whenever the fuck you want.

Fucking pork loins go on sale for $1.77/lb? Buy twenty pounds of that shit and cube it up into jars with a pinch of your favourite spices. You’ll have about twenty pints of the most tender little pig nuggets you’ve ever had. They even make their own broth if you put them in raw.

You grew too many vegetables in your garden and they are going to spoil? The fuck they are. Get those bad boys into jars and enjoy the fruits of your labour all winter long.

Speaking of fruits… We bought a case of peaches when the were in season and canned them up. Some with a little bit of cinnamon, some with fresh mint leaves. I fucking near start believing in Zeus when I tap into a jar of that with some ice cream.

Do you love delicious home fries? Fuck yeah you do. Slice up a bunch of potatoes and put them in jars. Pop a top, drain, and fry those little suckers up with some butter and onions. Make sure you get the right crispiness. Hey, you need more butter.

And the reason I personally got into canning meat:

Just killed an elk and ran out of freezer space? Chop that delicious bastard up into chunks and don’t waste any of that nutritious meat.

That’s right. A friend gave me a couple jars of canned elk meat and it was fucking fantastic.

We’ve put a lot of jars through our canner in the last year, and it’s still just as good as the day we bought it off of Amazon. It’s hard to quantify the savings, but I’ll use the pork loins for an example.

Each pint jar holds roughly a pound of raw meat. You can get jars on sale for about $8-$10/doz, but let’s say they are $1/jar.

Not including the energy needed to do the work, you are looking at:

Pressure canner – $150 after tax and all that shit

150 lbs of pork loin – $265.50

150 pint jars with lids – $150

Grand total of $565.50 for enough meat for 150 meals = $3.77 per meal.

Now take into account the jars are now yours to reuse as many times as you can, and the fact that you know what you are eating. brings the value way up. Plus you still have years of use on the pressure canner. Seems like a win/win to me.

Also the meat is delicious and tender, so you can use cheaper cuts of meat. Like those big frozen bags of shitty chicken breasts at the grocery store for $15 are great with a bit of taco spice on Mexican night. It falls right apart and makes beautiful fucking taco filling.

I don’t know what else to say, except to tell you to click on one of the pictures and grab one of these. Plus, I get paid a bit from Amazon, which helps out in the long run.

Thanks, fuckers

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