Sterilite 5-Drawer Storage Unit

Sterilite 5-Drawer Storage Unit


Normally I wouldn’t even buy one of these cheap pieces of shit, because in my experience they break easily. That being said, I usually put a lot of pressure on them, so it’s not always Sterilite’s fault. They are light duty office storage cabinets, not heavy tool storage drawers.

Then I decided to get into farming some fucking mealworms.

Everyone on the internet said to get a three drawer Sterilite unit, but I picked up the 5-drawer unit for a few bucks cheaper, so I went with that. I am happy that I did, because it makes everything easier. I now have a drawer for pupae, beetles, feeders and babies, with one left over for storage. If you are scratching your head about what those are, Google that shit. It works out pretty good. No keeping pupae in separate containers on the side, everything fits in quite handily, and it’s all in about 18 square inches of floor space.

You can’t beat that with a hammer. (unlike your car window when you lock your fucking keys in it while it’s running)

So I have been using this storage unit daily for over a month now, and it’s holding up pretty damn well. It’s a fuck of a lot better than I expected, and I even cut the bottom out of a drawer without it cracking all to shit, like the Sterilite of old. I open pretty well every drawer several times a day, and there are no signs of wear or anything like that, so that’s a bonus.

All in all, if you are looking for a light duty storage unit, I would recommend something along these lines. You can’t beat the price, and they are very light and portable. Sort of like my friend Scott.

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